Franco Cicerchia

Ceramics and creation

To create you have to know how to listen


Earth, color, water, metal, fire, air. Listening to these elements and sensing what they are asking us, combining and rearranging them through a creative action that will lead us to a new way of imagining space. It is not a passive and inert listening; we must intervene to make those who are following us more sensitive to listening. We must capture the attention of the observers and guide them towards a discovery they might not have thought of before.

Suggesting some among the infinite solutions that the material offers to relate the various elements: overlapping, approaching, merging together. In order to achieve this, I could have been simple and clear in showing the process, but at the same time, I felt the need to leave room for doubt through ambiguity.

The goal is to establish a continuous dialogue through the questions and the  answers that will unfold between me, the matter, and the observer. This, to me, is ART.



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