i corsi di franco cicerchia ceramiche e creazioni

Ceramics Modeling and Sculpture Courses

Course Structure

The first lesson (approximately one to one and a half hours) is dedicated to creating the object(s) (e.g., bowl, cup) using the coil technique.

The second lesson is dedicated to glazing and painting the finished objects.

The finished clay material (biscuit) takes approximately one week. If you wish to decorate the biscuit as well, it will take an additional three days to have the finished piece, which will undergo a second firing.

The finished material can be either collected in person or shipped directly to you (shipping costs to be determined at the time).


1 person € 40,00

2 people € 70,00

3 people € 95,00

4 people € 120,00

5 people € 140,00

6 people € 155,00

7 or more people: € 25,00 per person

corsi franco cicerchia

Please note that these prices are subject to change and may vary depending on any additional services or materials provided during the course.

It is possible to paint freely on pre-existing pieces (the cost varies depending on the chosen piece, starting from €15). In this case, the work can be delivered within approximately 2 to 4 days.

We also offer home lessons with prices and arrangements to be discussed upon request.


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