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About me

Biography:  a professional and artistic journey

The beginnings are stylistically classical, although always inclined towards personal exploration.

Franco Cicerchia is an artist-ceramist born in Cetona, in the province of Siena, in 1970. He comes from an artistic background, as his training took place in his father’s workshop, Pippo, the founder of Ceramiche Pippo. In the beginning, his style is predominantly classical, although always leaning towards personal exploration. In 1989, he obtains a diploma in graphic design and photography from the Art Institute of Orvieto. In 1990, he starts an internship with photographer Giancarlo Fiorenza, with whom he collaborates as an art director until 1994 in Italy and Mexico. During his time in Mexico, he embarks on an experience with the ceramic studio “Taller Experimental de Cerámica.”

In 1991, Franco Cicerchia is discovered by painters Ginco Portacci and Atto Pratesi, who introduce him to his first art exhibitions in Rome and Grosseto. From 1994, he attends the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia, where he graduates in painting in 1999. During this period, his artistic exploration becames more diverse, involving various materials and techniques such as metal, cement, ceramics, glass, and rice paper. His works increasingly occupies the surrounding space through environmental artworks. In 1999, he works in London with the company “Siteworx”, primarily executing paintings on wood and metal.

In 2006, Franco meets Maïté Mazel, the director of the association Citema (European City of Crafts), an international network that brings together researchers, philosophers, designers, architects, artisans, and artists. Franco joins Citema and his artistic research is nourished through exchanges and professional encounters in various residency centres.

From 2008, the association ARTEX in Florence (Center for Artistic and Traditional Crafts of Tuscany) introduces Franco Cicerchia’s to the “Gallery of Crafts”, a selection of artisans producing unique and highly quality pieces with great cultural value, intended for collectors, specialised retailers, art galleries and museums.

In 2009, Franco begins a research and creation residency together with artist/artisan Cesare Mazzetti, working with ceramics and copper at the Fontevraud Abbey in France. In 2010, during an art residency at the Saline Royale in Arc et Senans, France, he collaborates with architect Simone Toni from the studio “inhabitO” to design an environmental artwork using porcelain.

In 2018, he hosts Dr. Raúl Abeledo from the University of Valencia (Spain) at his studio in Cetona, exchanging experiences in oil painting and ceramic work. In 2019, also at the Cetona studio, he engages in a collaboration with Dr. Francisco Morillas from the University of Valencia, conducting research on mathematics and ceramics. They create works inspired by fractals and the study of controlled chaos.

In 2022, Franco Cicerchia is selected as one of the 10 artisan enterprises for the project “Atelier/Crafting Europe”, a program designed to encourage innovation by integrating new digital manufacturing technologies into traditional craftsmanship. His works can be found in the Royal Palace of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and in significant private spaces both in the United States and Europe.

Currently, Franco is part of the group “Ex Materia”, which consists of designers and artisans focused on producing furniture objects, utilizing new technologies alongside traditional craftsmanship.


Galleria “Il leone” | Roma (RM) | 1991

Villaggio Globale | Roma (RM) | 1992-1997

Galleria “Pascucci” | Grosseto (GR) | 1992-1993

Saturnia | (GR) | 1992-1993

Percorso verde Tevere | Perugia (PG) | 1994

“Praesentiae”, Villa Simoneschi | Chianciano Terme (SI) | 1995

“Linearmente”, atelier Todini | Perugia (PG) | 1996

“Risvegli”,  Galgata | Gubbio (PG) | 1997

Rocca Paolina | Perugia  (PG) | 1998

“SCENAinPOSSIBILE”, teatro Flacco | Volterra (PI) | 1998

“Inconvento” | Cetona, (SI) | 1998

“premio giovani scultura” Accademia di S.Luca, Palazzo Carpegna, Roma 2002

“L’ETA’ DELLA CERAMICA” castello di Sarteano | (SI)

“Vivi la casa”, fiera di Verona | Verona (VR) | 2007

“TRACCE”, Cetona | (SI) | 2005

Spazio “Citema” | Chiusi (SI) | 2006-2009

La “Galleria dell’Artigianato” | Firenze e Milano | 2010-2018

esposizione presso” Les terrasses du chateau” , Lauris, Francia 2018 e 2019

Artist residencies

Residenza d’artista | Abbazia di Fontevraud | Francia | 2009

Residenza d’artista | Saline Royale Arc et Senans | Francia | 2010


“Premio giovani scultura” | Accademia di S.Luca, Palazzo Carpegna | Roma | 2002

Premio all’VIII edizione di “Mestieri d’autore” | Camera di Commercio di Siena | 2014


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