Ceramiche Pippo

My father Vincenzo, better known as “Pippo”, received his training at the renowned ceramic school of Don Coltellini in Chiusi (Siena) in the 1960s. He opened his business called “Ceramiche Pippo” in 1970. He began producing objects in “bucchero”, faithful reproductions of the famous Etruscan vases. Among the most important names in his collections, I would like to mention: “Tralcio” (1970),”Portoghese” (1970), “Cigno” (1980),
“Saturno” (1990), “Millerighe” (2000), as well as “Papavero, grano, fiordaliso” (1990) and “Girasole” (1990), the latter two created together with my mother Antonina. The terracotta pots and pans made of for cooking are also highly renowned. All the collections are still in production and can be found in the private collections of well-known individuals around the world.


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