franco cicerchia via lattea

Milky Way

I started creating plates by placing clay slabs on the curved surface of a plaster mould. Various different clays are used. The trace of color is obtained by depositing copper oxide. While the object is being glazed, the copper colour is almost simultaneously poured. It will dry together with the glaze, creating a more or less dense colour stain depending on how quickly it dried.

Working together with their different drying times will determine the shape of the colour transparency. The cups are obtained through a simple and fundamental process of shaping. Starting from a rectangular clay slab and extracting a circle from what will become the handle, I obtain the base of the cup. It is a simple, economical, and sustainable construction logic.

The cups undergo two firings at 980°C and 940°C. They are made of white clay with inserts of red clay obtained from the processing waste. They have a glossy crystalline finish and a copper-colored rim. The glazes used are food-safe and dishwasher-safe.

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